The Art of Measurement

Products and Services for Gas Flow Measurement and Gas Quality Measurement

Products and Services

Sparckx Consulting represents several companiesactive in the Oil & Gas business. We mostly focus on equipment needed foraccurate measurement of gas flow quantity and quality. Besides equipment weprovide services for calibration or recalibration.

Our customers are the industry where processesneed to be measured, or gas transport companies who need accurate fiscalmeasurements.

In the transition to move from fossil fuels likenatural gas towards renewable gases we provide solutions for measurement of Hydrogen,Biogases and CO2 in relation to Carbon Capturing.

Gas Volume measurement

Sparckx Consulting can advice and offer  gas flow meters for acurate gas flow measurement for process flow as well as fiscal flow. Natural gas, Hydrogen and CO2 volume measurement. 


Sparckx Consulting can advice, offer and optimize a (re)calibration program for your meter stations, finding a balance between costs and measurement uncertainties.

Gas Quality measurement

Sparckx Consulting can advice and offer devices for acurate measurement of Gas Quality for fiscal and non-fiscal applications.