Ultra Sonic meters

Over the last 20 years, ultrasonic gas meters have become the measuring instrument of choice for gas volume measurement in custody transfer. The technology owes its broad acceptance among gas transport companies to its superior measuring accuracy, reproducibility, wide measuring range and low maintenance costs.

Ultrasonic gas meters use robust sensors that generate repeatable pulses (amplitude and frequency). They also include high-speed electronics, complete with a precise timer for detection, resolution and timing of the transmission/reception of ultrasonic pulses with sufficient time domain resolution. The sensor and electronics configuration of the meter allows high pulse transmission rates. The signal propagation time measurement provides a fast integration of the gas flow velocity so that precise readings can be recorded every second.

The most important development in ultrasonic technology in recent years was the multi-path meter, which determines the average of the axial velocity components over the cross-section of a closed pipe. The design and performance of ultrasonic gas meters are defined in international standards, e.g. ISO 17089 and AGA 9. Ultrasonic gas meters are the technology of choice for custody transfer metering and are approved by MID, Measurement Canada and other national approval bodies.


Ideal for the Mid-pressure gas distribution market.

The RMS200 is a low cost 2 path, six cords ultrasonic meter available in diameter ranging from DN50 up to DN200 and pressures up to 20 bar.

With the RMS200 it is possible to replace turbine meters in existing meter stations within MID approval. Hence the short inlet and outlet sections normally used for turbine meters are sufficient for this ultrasonic meter with build in flow conditioners.

Optionally available with integrated EVC

RMS200 can be equipped with an integrated temperature and pressure sensor needed  for volume conversion. All within the MID approval for this meter.


  • MID approval
  • In the version with EVC the digital pressure and temperature sensor are included
  • Path ultrasonic meter with integrated flow straightener
  • Cost-optimized, compact design
  • Measuring range 1:100 min, up to 1:160 depending on device size


Perfect solution for the main transport grid

The GT400 is RMG's flagship ultrasonic meter. This meter is avaiable in diameters ranging form DN80 up to DN1000 and pressures up to 350 bar.

Maximum resistance against ultrasonic interferance

The GT400 has a 6 direct path X-configuration. It's twelve 200 kHz transducers provide the maximum resistance agains interferance caused by values and or regulators upstream from the meter.


  • Optimum stability against pre-interference due to 6 direct measuring paths
  • High flow velocity (up to 40 m/s)
  • Fully encapsulated, robust and dirt-repellent titanium sensors
  • MID approved by the PTB