Sparckx Consulting represents


pigsar™ is the world’s leading high-pressure test facilities for gas flow meters. In collaboration with the Federal Institute of Physics and Metrology (PTB), pigsar™ operates Germany’s national standard for high-pressure natural gas metering. Sparckx Consulting assists in getting towards a successful calibration or recalibration for a variety of gas flow meters. Sparckx Consulting is proud to represent pigsar™ in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and the UK.

Closed Loop

In 2022 pigsar™ opened the newly constructed Open Loop, allowing for larger flows up to 30.000 m³/h at pressures between 9 and 66 bar.  The new facility has been build on the existing site near the in bypass facility operating between 17 and 51 bar with flows up to 6500 m³/h.

pigsar™ offers the best measurement uncertainties in the world with CMC's between 0.137 % - 0.193 %.